6 Main Causes Of Engine Power Lose
Main Causes Of Engine Power Lose

During the course of car usage, wear and tear of the engine components can run your engine down and lead to the engine power lose. These are normal things that happen to a car’s engine and can rob you of horsepower, torque, and fuel mileage over time. What are the actual causes of this lose in power you may ask. Here’s a complete breakdown of some of the reasons why your engine is not performing like it used to anymore.

1. Air Filters

change your engine's oil filter regularly

As time goes on, the air filter of every engine starts to collect dust and debris. These substances block the airways and prevent the engine to take on enough air required for proper combustion of the fuel. This, in turn, reduces the total performance of the engine. A regular change of the oil filter can help to remedy this situation.


2. Loose Throttle Cable

This applies to cars with mechanical cables. With time the cable wire might get loosen and as such you will not be able to open your throttle all the way. If you can open your throttle all the way, of course, your engine won’t produce enough power. Also, check your throttle cable to know if it has loosened and if so tighten the cables.


3. Exhaust Muffler Clogging

Over time, the exhaust system traps a lot of particles and as such the muffler gets clogged thereby restricting airflow through the exhaust system which leads to additional pumping loss and subsequent engine power loss.


4. Fuel Injector/Fuel Pump

As a result of heat and also the use of poor fuel, the fuel injector/pump can get blocked from particles from the tank or from the combustion chamber and therefore won’t supply fuel efficiently to the engine. This can lead to misfiring which in turn reduces the combustion rate of the engine and thus be lead to loss of power

5. Piston And Rings

The rubbing of the piston and rings on the wall of the cylinder leads to wear and tear of the piston over time. This leads to the less compression in the engine. This also causes a decline in engine power. Consider changing your piston and rings when due.


6. Spark Plugs

The spark plugs can get clogged over time from oil, fuel and carbon deposits. This can lead to misfiring and inconsistent sparks. Leading to inadequate engine performance. Spark plugs are cheap and easy to change. Try changing your spark plugs when you notice any form of engine power loss. You can actually do it yourself.

These are the major things that can lead to your engine losing its power. So before you give up on that beautiful car that was once the ultimate speed monster because it doesn’t perform like it used to, go and check out all these mentioned above.


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