The Airless Tire Is Here: Michelin Unveils It's Tweel
Michelin Tweel

The Airless Tire “Tweel”, which is a combination of tire and wheel has been a concept in the tire industry for some time now. Michelin has cracked the nut and unveiled its tweel.

For those who don’t know what a “tweel” means, it refers to an airless tire.

Michelin has been developing its own tweel for over 10 years and now, the French tire giant is ready to bring this revolutionary roller to the market.

The tire itself is a 26-inch airless radial tire, and there’s no need for any system to maintain air pressure. There is no air pressure.

Michelin Tweel Technologies is the name of the division tasked with presenting this airless tire into the production space. But don’t get too excited and think you’ll be putting one on your car just yet.

With the Tweel, you don’t have to worry about getting a flat as it is constructed with a spoke system that maintains the integrity of the tire. It can deform a bit to the terrain below, which also increases its off-road traction ability. That’s why it should present a sweet off-road option for Utility Vehicle lovers. But they shouldn’t be urging for speed as the maximum speed rating for the Michelin tweel is just 37 mph.


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