The Bugatti Chiron is not just a champion when it comes to speed and agility. The supercar also has a special feature that enables it to detect any issues and then send a text message to the company’s chief engineer. It possesses a little black aluminium box which monitors the car performance and if any malfunction is detected, will send a text to the company’s chief engineer in molseim, France. This text is a direct call to help to any “flying doctor” whose service is available at that particular time.

The new Chiron can auto dictate its own faults

When your vehicle sends the notification, you will be informed by the “flying doctor” via an email or a direct call, where you will be asked to bring your car into your nearest dealership to rectify the issue.

There are three Bugatti’s Flying Doctors and each are assigned to a particular customer region—Europe/Russia, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific, and North America and are always ready to get on the next flight to help a customer with reported technical issues if necessary. That is what you get for buying a car worth over 2 million dollars.

The system in the Bugatti Chiron is so advanced that it monitors more than 10,000 parameters, all in real time. Other manufacturers that have offered this kind of service are McLaren and Koenigsegg who also monitors some parameters in real time.


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