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All you need to know about the carburator and the injector systems

I have heard a lot of folks argue about the fuel efficiency of their vehicles and how it is related to the device supplying fuel to the cylinders in the engine. Some claim a carburetor system is better than the fuel injector system while some claim otherwise. Here we are going to compare the two systems to show you how each match up to the other and which is more preferred in terms of so many parameters. It is important to note that the use of the carburetor system dates way back, decades before the introduction of the injector system.

Fuel And Air Combination

The major difference between a carburetor system and a fuel injector system lies in the way and manner at which fuel and air are supplied into the engine cylinders.

In a carburetor system, the fuel mixes with the air before it is transmitted by the carburetor to the cylinders while in the injector system, only the fuel is transmitted through the injector to the cylinders, where the fuel now mixes with air.

Fuel To Air Ratio

Due to the fact that in a carburetor system, the fuel and air are mixed together being sent to the engine cylinders, the ratio of fuel to ratio received by each cylinder is never equal compared to the injector system where fuel is injector to the individual cylinders and mixed with air inside the cylinder. Thereby ensuring a better fuel to air ratio since each cylinder receives a precise quantity of fuel.

Driving Performance

When it comes to performance, the injector is a little bit better than the carburetor. This is mostly due to the fact that the fuel to air ratio inside individual cylinders in a carburetor fitted engine is never consistent. The lack of consistency leads always has an effect on the internal combustion. But in an injector system, there is consistency in the combustion chamber which leads to a slightly better performance.

Cost And Maintainance

The carburetor is purely made of mechanical components. This makes the carburetor a cheaper option to the injector which also has both mechanical and electrical components. The maintenance of the carburetor system is also far easier and cheaper compared to the injector system.

Fuel Economy

The fuel economy of the injector system is far better than that of the carburetor system owing to the fact the fuel in an injector engine is very precisely dispensed, leading to a more accurate use of fuel.

So finally, despite the fact that the carburetor system has been in use way before the invention of the injector system, the fuel injector system is a better option to use because it offers more power, fuel efficiency, and performance. Which is why the carburetor system is being slowly replaced by the injector system since the 70s.


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