Ford prototype smart Window uses vibrations to show the world to blind passengers


The rate at which the level of technological advances is increasing currently is quite impressive. Some features which were not thought to be possible years ago are now what we see everyday and its not stopping anytime soon. A new prototype smart Window is on its way to do what has never been done before in the automobile world.

The Ford’s New “Feel the View Technology” which is being developed by their Italian division in partnership with tech start-up Aedo, is able to convert visual image into vibrations of varying intensities so that a blind or partially sighted person can feel the landscape by touching the window.

The technology works by taking a picture of the view on the other side of the window and then converting it into a black and white of varying shades of grey which is then represented by a vibration, with 255 intensities in total.

Even though this is still a prototype, This is a technology that defines the length to which innovations can help to improve the human lives. So lets watch and see how it will be received when it hits the new future cars


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