Friends No Longer Need Your Keys To Drive Your Volvo XC40
2018 Volvo XC40

Volvo is out to set standards when it comes to automobile technology. One of this is the new keyless access technology that came with the 2018 Volvo XC40 which will grant your friends and family access to your cars without the keys. This is possible because the car can be controlled using its own mobile application on a smartphone.

Friends No Longer Need Your Keys To Drive Your Volvo XC40
New Volvo XC40 – Volvo On Call, Car Sharing With A Smartphone

The family or friend who wants to use the car will be able to access the car and it using a smartphone. So clearly your presence or car keys are no longer needed any longer.

However, your insurance company won’t be too happy if any of your family members were to be involved in a car crash with your car while you are away. Though Volvo says this is just a baby step towards the more widespread use of car sharing, they better tell that to the insurance companies.

The XC40 is now available to the public and comes with a decent price tag considering the kind of features it offers.  The T5 variant will offer an all-wheel-drive system and the price starts at $36,195 while a T4 variant s also available and comes with a front-wheel drive system.



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