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The Audi A8 Cockpit With Integrated Toll Module

Imagine driving past a toll booth without having to pay the toll because your car has already done that for you. That is what Audi is planning to do for you. The German luxury brand is planning to roll out select vehicles this year with integrated Toll Module which is a new toll payment technology.

This technology will allow drivers to simply drive past a toll booth and the car does the payment automatically. And divers will no longer worry about managing multiple toll accounts as the system does all that for you. All you need to do is just register your car online and connect it with a credit card and then relax your mind.

Normally, drivers must register with a state’s tolling agency and receive the proper transponder to use a fast lane or, drivers must stop the vehicle to pay a toll with cash. But this new technology, called the Integrated Toll Module, uses vehicle-to-infrastructure technology developed by Gentex to forego the need for any additional equipment from any local toll authorities.

The New "Integrated Toll Module" Will Enable Your Audi Pay Your Tolls
Integrated Toll Module On The Rearview Mirror

The technology will be built into the rearview mirror, and it will work with all toll roads across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Drivers will then be able to manage the system from the vehicle’s settings. Options will include turning the system on or off, and adjusting occupant settings for HOV lanes.

Audi did not give us any information on which vehicles will feature the system when it launches this year, though we imagine some of the brand’s latest and most luxurious vehicles will include the system as standard, or provide it as optional equipment. It’s worth noting the sole photo Audi provided shows the 2019 A8’s cockpit.


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